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We have extensive experiences servicing the community over a decade in real estate transactions. Our team shares a common vision when it comes to closing a real estate transaction. Our clients deserve knowledge, dedication, focus and guidance. We are available for our clients from the moment of signing the agreement of purchase and sale, to searching title and conducting any additional searches such as property tax certificate, to meeting with our clients to sign the closing document and finally transferring ownership or registering your new mortgage.

Over the years, we have established strong relationships with private and institutional lenders, real estate agents, title insurance companies and other lawyers to help ensure that transactions go smooth and as stress free as possible for our clients.

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We acted for purchasers and sellers of freehold properties, townhouses as well as condominiums.  We believe that quality legal service should be available to the general public regardless of the nature and/ or size of their transaction. Our staff places high value in customer-oriented approach, combined with industry knowledge and experience.

Assignment Of The Agreement of Purchase & Sale

An Assignment is a sale transaction where the original buyer sells his rights and obligation to the Agreement of Purchase and Sale before the closing date to a new buyer.

Commercial Purchase

Commercial real estate is often purchased for the purposes of generating regular income flow. Let us review your agreement and confirm that the property that you are purchasing is conveyed correctly.

Commercial Sale

Sale of a commercial property can be stressful. We provide our clients with in-depth guidance in all aspects of commercial sale transaction.

Documents Review

Whether it is an Agreement of Purchase and Sale from a builder or a lease agreement for a commercial property, we can review your documents to ensure that your rights are protected before you sign.

Joint Venture

Let us review your joint venture agreement or draft one to ensure that your venture is structured to protect your interest in the specific project.

Mortgage Refinance

Whatever the reason; to consolidate debt, take out equity to purchase another property or to help with day to day financial struggles, we can help complete your mortgage refinance transaction.

Private Mortgage Refinance

Private financing can help our clients when institutional mortgage is not an option. We can help with reviewing your mortgage commitment as well as completing private refinance transaction.

Residential Purchase

From signing the agreement of purchase and sale to getting your keys, our team can help guide you through this exciting and sometimes stressful process.

Residential Sale

Our team of experts will ensure that your sale transaction closes as smoothly as possible, discharge your mortgage, assign any rental contracts and deposit the funds into sellers designated Canadian account.

Status Certificate Review

When buying a condominium property in Ontario, we highly recommend to all our clients to review a status certificate either before putting in an offer to purchase or during the conditional period of the agreement of purchase and sale.

Title Search

Conducting a title search can alert the buyer to any issues on title and give the buyer comfort that the property being purchased will transfer without any liens or encumbrances.

Title Transfer

We can assist in transferring title between surviving title owners or transferring title between family members for estate planning purposes.

Real Estate Law Process Steps

Once you decided that you want to work with MBLAW, our streamlined process will guide you through the steps from picking up your phone to complete a retainer to picking up your keys to your new property.


Initial Consultation

Contact MBLAW to confirm that we can take on your file and meet the necessary deadlines, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.


Retainer Confirmation

After confirming our retainer, we will send you a retainer letter to sign, officially starting our collaboration on your real estate matter.


Document Submission

Send us the requested paperwork related to your file. Depending on the matter, documents may include, but are not limited to, the agreement of purchase and sale, joint venture draft, or lease agreement.


Comprehensive Support

We will confirm receipt of the documents sent and commence our work on your file. Our dedicated team will continue to be available to you until the matter is complete, answering your questions along the way and guiding you through the process.

Reviews of Our Satisfied Customers

We strive to provide a first in class service to our clients by helping them understand the complicated process and guide them to ensure the process is as headache free as possible.

I used MBLAW and I am very satisfied with their work. They are very reliable, diligent and very attentive. They make it very easy for their clients to deal with any documentation. A special shout out to Vlad. He is fantastic. He handles everything in a very professional manner and makes sure the client is top priority.

Sean D

If you are looking for a lawyer for your mortgage, find or call MBLaw because it is proven and reliable. They have been our mortgage lawyer since 2019 and all I can say is they are the best. Shout out to Olivia who is very kind and helpful, the transaction was smooth. Thank you MBLAW, you are the best!

Joann Fernandez

I recently used MBLAW office to complete purchasing a property. Most importantly, they are very responsive in communications to address all my questions and issues. The office clerk was very helpful too to handle the calls and documents. I highly recommend MBLAW to anyone looking for a reliable lawyer for your property transaction.

Sam Cui

Real Estate Law FAQ: Answers to Your Questions

Yes we take a modest retainer of $400.00 for our residential real estate transactions . This allows us to commence title and off title searches sooner.

We will meet a few days before closing date. This tight time line allows us to receive mortgage instructions as well as statement of adjustments from the sellers lawyer and prepare the final numbers for your file.

You will need to bring money order for your closing costs to the meeting with the lawyer a few days before closing. The money order usually includes remaining amount of your down-payment, Land Transfer Tax, our legal fees and disbursements.

Your mortgage is usually paid out the same day that we receive funds, sometimes it is paid within 24 hours of closing. However it does take the bank considerable amount of time to delete it from title of your home. Most of the time you will also get your proceeds of sale the same day however, if we get sale proceeds late and are unable to deposit funds, they will be deposited the next business day.

Before signing an agreement of purchase and sale examine all the costs associated with purchasing a property : property taxes, maintenance fees, utility costs. Have an inspection report done so you understand the cost associated with fixing deficiencies. Contact a bank or a mortgage broker to ensure that you are eligible for a mortgage and stick to your budget. We of course will help with filing a first time home-buyer land transfer tax rebate so you will pay less taxes on closing.

Short answer is no. The Rules of Professional Conduct state that each party to an agreement of purchase and sale must have their own lawyer, except in a very limited circumstances.

However, buyers and sellers can work with lawyers hired from the same law firm provided that both parties understand that there is a dual retainer and information between parties will not be kept confidential. Should a conflict of interest take place, both lawyers must withdraw from their retainer.

Real Estate Law Insights

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