Exploring Co-Ownership: Tips from MBLAW’s Mariya Berenbaum

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Exploring Co-Ownership: Tips from MBLAW's Mariya Berenbaum

In today’s real estate market, the cost of buying a home is often beyond reach for many individuals. As a result, co-ownership has emerged as a practical alternative for potential homeowners. However, entering into co-ownership requires careful consideration to avoid any unexpected challenges.

Mike Stubbs from 980 CFPL recently spoke with Mariya Berenbaum, a seasoned lawyer from MBLAW, to gain valuable insights into co-ownership. In their discussion, Mariya shared essential tips to help ensure that those entering into co-ownership arrangements are well-prepared and informed.

One critical aspect they discussed was the impact of changes to capital gains being implemented by the federal government. These changes can significantly affect co-ownership arrangements, and it is crucial to understand their implications thoroughly.

For a deeper dive into the benefits and challenges of co-ownership, as well as to hear Mariya’s expert advice, we invite you to listen to the full podcast episode with Mike Stubbs and Mariya Berenbaum on Spotify.

Additionally, you can read more about the topic in our comprehensive article on co-borrowing to finance real estate purchases in Ontario: [Read the Article].

By staying informed and seeking professional advice, you can navigate the complexities of co-ownership with confidence. Mariya Berenbaum and the team at MBLAW are here to guide you through the process and ensure you make well-informed decisions in your real estate journey.

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